Your Best Year Ever Book Review

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Your Best Year Ever Book Review

In Your Best Year Ever, Michael Hyatt teaches you how to set goals that will inspire you to reach them and how to prevent failure.  He has a 5-step plan in which he goes into great detail.  This book will give you the motivation and know-how to finally accomplish your goals.

It's almost a new year, so I thought this book would be appropriate to read.  I got so much great advice from this book.  I am glad I read it. 

Michael Hyatt wrote a book, Your Best Year Ever, where he explains how to set goals that inspire you to grow by revealing a 5-step plan to create and accomplish your most important goals. I wrote a book review. It is an excellent book that introduces you to the Full Focus Planner system by completing little tasks every day, which will lead you to accomplish your big goals.  

Your Best Year Ever Synopsis

January is when people usually make resolutions that they want to achieve by the end of the year.  However, only 10% of people follow through and get the results they want.   Resolutions usually are things that they would like to happen. You see it in gyms every year.  During the first week of January, there is always an influx of new members.  But most quit by the end of the month.  So why do resolutions not work?

In Your Best Year Ever, Michael explains how to set goals that inspire you to grow by revealing a 5-step plan to create and accomplish your most important goals. In each of these steps, he goes through how to evaluate your big goals and break them down into everyday actions.  There are two types of plans:  habit and achievement goals.  Habit goals are where you add an activity to your daily or weekly routine, such as going to the gym three days every week.  On the other hand, an achievement goal has an end date.  After you have completed it, you can move on to another project.  Optimally, it would be best if you had a mix of both of these kinds of plans. 

Regret can sometimes be an excellent opportunity to change your life for the better.  You can look back and see what you could have done differently for a more positive outcome. 

"The fact we feel regret at all is evidence we have what it takes to make positive change in our situations, no matter how dire they might seem.  The only people with no hope are those with no regrets. p. 86"


Michael amended the traditional SMART goals everyone uses every year.  Of Course, everyone has heard of SMART goals, but in Your Best Year Ever, Michael Hyatt adds two more attributes to it.  

SMARTER:  Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Risky, Time-Keyed, Exciting, Relevant

Michael goes into great detail on using each attribute to improve your goals to accomplish more.  Using all seven aspects will make your goals actionable and exciting.  This way, you will want to work towards your goal every day.  The book explains how to write a plan using all these attributes.

The two attributes that I like are the R and E:

Michael changed the R from realistic to risky.  Realistic goals are easy to obtain, and they are safe.  If we set easily obtainable goals, then we will surely reach them.  On the other hand, risky goals are something we have to work for, and we will feel more accomplishment once we achieve them.  Therefore, we should set goals that stretch and challenge us.

E is for Exciting.  If a goal is exciting, we are more likely to work towards it, and we won't lose interest in achieving it.  Often, we have plans given to us by our employers, spouses, or friends.  It is not something that we are interested in attaining.  In this situation, we are not motivated to work towards it.  Therefore, it won't be easy to take the necessary steps to get it done.  Set goals that are exciting for you and will help you to grow.  

"If you don't find your goals personally compelling, you won't have the motivation to push through when things get tough or tedious. p. 116"

My Analysis of Your Best Year Ever

I enjoyed reading and completing the exercises in Your Best Year Ever.  It is a book I will read again when I am ready to set new goals for the next year or next quarter.  I like that Michael Hyatt gives step-by-step instructions in the book on setting goals that will push you to grow and that you will enjoy achieving. 

This book is for anyone who makes new goals periodically.  Using the principles outlined in Your Best Year Ever will help to motivate you to create a plan that is exciting to you.  It is a great book to have and review before starting quarterly goals, both for business and personal.  I highly recommend this book, even if you only make small personal goals each year. 

At the end of the year, won't it feel wonderful to look back and see where your goals have gotten you?  But, conversely, you could look back and be in the same place you were in last year.  This book will give you the motivation and know-how to finally accomplish your goals. 

Daily Planners to Use to Achieve Your Goal

  1. Michael Hyatt has his planner that he created, the Full Focus Planner, to keep track of your daily tasks.  There is space to put your Daily Big 3, other smaller tasks, and an hourly schedule on the side for your appointments on each daily page.  I have one and have been using it for a month.  Here is my full review of it. 
  2. I use and recommend the PUSH journal by Chalene Johnson.  Each journal is for one month, 31 days.  It also has the daily tracker to write down your 3 Push Related Quick Tasks, small tasks, and scheduled appointments. The PUSH journal also includes a page to track your health and fitness.  For example, there is space to write the foods you ate, your water intake, how many hours of sleep you got the night before, and what exercise you did that day.  This page keeps you accountable.  I use this journal every day to stay on track with my health and fitness journey.  More about this will be coming soon.