Full Focus Planner Review

Full Focus Planner Review

The Full Focus Planner, created by Michael Hyatt, is a daily planner where you write down your goals and daily tasks every day. Michael developed a system that helps you develop yearly plans and then break your big goals down into smaller daily goals, which are easy to accomplish. I have been using this system for a month now, and I am receiving excellent results from using this system. 


I ordered the planner because Amy Porterfield recommended Michael Hyatt's planner on one of her podcast episodes. Amy seems organized, so I thought I would give it a try.


 Michael Hyatt wrote a book, Your Best Year Ever, where he explains how to set goals that inspire you to grow by revealing a 5-step plan to create and accomplish your most important goals. I wrote a book review. It is an excellent book that introduces you to the Full Focus Planner system by completing little tasks every day, which will lead you to accomplish your big goals.  



The Full Focus Planner is a three-month planner where you write down all of your yearly goals and then break them down into quarterly and daily goals. There is are two pages for every day and then four pages for the Weekly Preview. You write a quarterly preview at the end of the book before starting a new planner.

At the beginning of the Full Focus Planner, there are several sections where you write down your annual goals, morning and evening rituals, and your ideal week. Plus, a few other preparatory exercises.  Unfortunately, I did not fill out any of these forms because I didn't need to. So, instead, I went straight to the daily goals, tasks, and notes.

It took me a while to figure out what time of day was best for me. At first, I used my best time (6-8 am) to consume information from other people by reading books, watching business or inspirational videos, or going through my email and doing what they told me to do. Then, I planned to do my business and creative work in the afternoon and evening slots. However, sometimes other things came up, or I didn't feel like doing the work. So it didn't get done. Then I changed my schedule and did my most important project in the morning, and now I am getting so much more accomplished.

Daily Planner

The Full Focus Planner begins on a Monday. However, you do not need to start on the first day of the month. The important thing is to start using the planner to set your day and week aligned with your yearly goals. For example, I started my journal on the 13th of the month.



The first section is where you write down your Daily Big 3 and other tasks. The Daily Big 3 are items you plan on doing that day related to your goals. These tasks will propel you toward your bigger goal when you finish them.

Put smaller tasks on the other list, usually your personal to-do list or other business items that won't take long to do. You may not want to do these things, but they need to get done.

There is also a place on the sidebar to place your appointments or meetings scheduled at a specific time. Then, right away, I go ahead to that date and write them in the appropriate time slot to avoid forgetting. Looking at your scheduled events at the beginning of the day will give you perspective on when to allow time to work on your Daily Big 3 each day.

Lastly, there is a blank lined page to write down notes or thoughts that come to your mind during the day. You can also write down your wins at the end of the day. Think back on your day and write down what things went right. Did you accomplish your goals? Also, you could write what went wrong and decide how you can change that to make it better tomorrow.

Full Focus Journal

The Full Focus Journal is part of the Full Focus Planner system.  It is a book that gives you two lined pages every day for three months. You could write anything you want on it. Some examples would be random thoughts you have throughout the day or notes you want to remember. You could also use it to recap your day by writing down your big wins for the day. Did you accomplish your three big goals? If not, are you still satisfied with how the day went? You could write what went wrong and how to fix it next time. How can you better prepare your day tomorrow to get more of your goals done?


Full Focus Notebook

The Full Focus Notebook is a small tablet with 48 pages, with each page numbered. It fits in the pocket located on the inside of the back cover of the  Full Focus Planner. Therefore, the notebook is convenient to carry around, and it won't get lost. You buy them in packs of four. If you buy them, along with the planner, you will have a new notebook every three weeks. 

I use it to journal down my thoughts at the end of the day. I write down my wins and detail how I accomplished them and how I felt about them. Some days I did not get my goals done, and I noted the reason. It may have been because my tasks took up too much of my time, or I didn't feel well that day. I wrote how I could make changes to get my goals done the next day. It would be best not to write down negative thoughts because you want to end the day in a positive frame of mind.

Once, I made a shift in my schedule. And now my creative work is done in the morning, instead of waiting for another opportunity throughout the day. It worked! I came up with a solution. Writing your thoughts down helps you to work through problems. Before starting this planner, I wrote in my journal every morning for the past two years.  I still journal every morning.  A lot of new ideas come to me from writing my thoughts.

My Analysis

My first impression of the Full Focus Planner package was very disappointing. Everything was so small, especially the Full Focus Notebook. My first thought of the notebook was I could buy something much cheaper than this to take notes. However, if you are looking for something that works well together, the notebook is an excellent addition to the planner. I keep the Full Focus Notebook on my desk since I only write use it in the evening. 


The Full Focus Planner is most useful for employees that work for a corporation or CEOs who have lots of meetings and have other people to delegate tasks. Unfortunately, I am neither of those. Therefore, I only use the daily pages to keep me organized and help me accomplish my goals.


I love the Full Focus Planner system. However, I prefer the PUSH journal since it has an added section for health and fitness. It also is only for one month. So I could get a different cover design each month. Moreover, I usually have new goals that I am trying to achieve. So this one works better for me, and this is the one I recommend to my friends and clients. It uses the same planning system as the Full Focus Planner, just different terminology.