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I am a runner and am on the Keto Diet.  I also love to read books, so I write reviews on the books I read.

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Keto Diet for Beginners

I help people lose weight by introducing them to the keto diet.

I have been physically active all my life and have always tried to eat a healthy diet. However, it did not seem to work. So, I loved going to the gym and thought I could eat some extra chocolate desserts because I would burn the calories. Most of the time, I would eat healthy foods. My weight wasn't out of control.

That is until circumstances in my life changed, and I didn't have control over what I ate all the time. In short, I gained a lot of weight. As a result, my doctor labeled me obese in my medical chart. I had to do something about it.

BookReviews and Keto Diet

My Transformation

I joined a running group and was in the slowest pace group. I didn't even think I could stay up with them at 13 min pace. But we all stuck together and helped each other out. Soon after joining my running group, I tried exogenous ketones and slowly changed my diet.  


After three weeks of taking the exogenous ketones, I started losing weight. Every day I got on the scale and saw my weight coming down. Finally, I told my husband that my weight was "just falling off." Then, I found something that finally worked. After I started losing weight, I began changing to a keto diet. I made minor changes at first. Now, I'm used to eating keto, and I teach other people how to change their diet to lose weight.  

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Book Reviews

I also love reading books. So I write book reviews on each book that I read—some books I highly recommend, but others not so much.

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